1939 Nash LaFayette

A photograph of a decaying and abandoned green 1939 model year Nash LaFayette antique automobile car in a field of yellow grass in Saskatchewan, Canada

Fences and my aversion to crossing them without permission conspired against a closer view of this crusty-but-delightful subject — part of someone’s field-decorating collection in Saskatchewan — but that’s why zoom lenses were invented. … Continue reading

Dankin Crossing

A photograph of an old, leaning railroad crossing X-sign with rusty tracks and a field of yellow grass behind it leading to two abandoned wooden grain elevators on the distant horizon in Dankin, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The abandoned grain elevators in the ghost town of Dankin, Saskatchewan, are still standing. I previously visited them three years ago, and the photos from that trip were featured in the posts The Scatterling’s Daydream and Dankin B. It’s my … Continue reading

NFAID # 1007

#1007 The twang-spangle of water through a culvert. The trickle that tickles something depthless in the soul — you remember it. You were young enough, small enough, to fit inside that big one near your house, exploring. Corrugated, galvanized tube … Continue reading