NFAID # 1006

#1006 It is a surreal drumbeat that supplies the subconscious soundtrack for my dream, thudding exotically while I search in desperation beneath endless layers of grey woolen blankets for my dead grandfather. Finally I find him, and he’s angry with … Continue reading


A black and white photograph of a female goldfinch partially obscured by the leaves of the tree in which she is perched.

As I’m driving, I’m telling her about saving the goldfinch — the one that flew into the front window of the house earlier in the day and fell, stunned, into the junipers below. How I went out to make sure … Continue reading


A photograph of the green wooden grain elevator in the prairie town of Herronton, Alberta, Canada, bathed in later Winter sunlight and surrounded by yellow grass and an abandoned railroad track.

The lone, surviving Alberta Wheat Pool grain elevator in Herronton, Alberta, burnished by wind and late winter sunlight. The railroad tracks in the left of the frame belong to the same abandoned line that also served the elevators at Farrow … Continue reading

Storm Crow

A black and white photograph of a painting of a crow on cracked and aged stucco wall.

A storm crow, blown out to sea by the unforgiving maelstrom of its namesake, lost, exhausted and failing, looked down at the black void of water and endless night below itself for what it thought would be the final time. … Continue reading