NFAID # 1004

#1004 We often talked about this mysterious candy bar that only the two of us seemed to recall, but the name escaped us. We’d ask others in our age group, but they couldn’t remember the name either. Then, last week, … Continue reading

NFAID # 1003

#1003 The receiver of the telephone slipped through Mrs. Westerman’s fingers and fell to the peeling linoleum of the kitchen floor with a sad and hollow thunk. She stooped, tried to pick it up again, but her fingers had become … Continue reading

NFAID # 1000

#1000 Those photographs became permanently imprinted upon my psyche — black-and-white stone-cuttings of horror inconceivable beyond the technicolor simplicity of my life to that point. The burning monk. The burned, naked child running screaming down the road. The prisoner being … Continue reading

Murmur Ecology

A black and white photograph of an antique miner's gas mask

It was during the interim summer phase, the period of night silence, the gap between Spring peepers and August crickets, that Dog began to hear the ants. At first, he wasn’t sure what he was hearing. The sound was subtle, … Continue reading