A photograph of a collapsed abandoned wooden farm house in the middle of a field of golden yellow praire grass in southern Alberta, Canada

Time, gravity and the relentless winds of Southern Alberta claim another victim.

Below is how this house appeared two years ago, before its recent fall:

A photograph of a decaying semi-collapsed wooden farm house in a field of yellow prairie grass in Southern Alberta, Canada.


Surrender — 2 Comments

  1. Before and after – very cool. And somehow disturbing – on their own, each of your photos seem to have a timeless quality to them – as if whatever old object has been the way it looks now for the last fifty years. And yet, this is not true – change is always lurking to surprise you somehow.

  2. Indeed — and yet despite being aware of this, I am still usually broadsided by a sense of temporal dissonance whenever a subject I’ve photographed over these past few years succumbs to the decay that attracted me to it in the first place.

    It’s that little nudge from Father Time, I guess — Ha-ha, you’re getting older! And one day soon, you too shall fall.

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