The Scatterling’s Daydream

A photograph of an old wooden grain elevator sitting next to abandoned and rusty railroad tracks surrounded by golden prairie grass in the ghost town of Dankin, Saskatchewan, Canada

Abandoned and rusty tracks vanish into the horizon next to one of the two remaining wooden grain elevators in the ghost town of Dankin, Saskatchewan.

Despite knowing that I am most likely capturing many of these grand old structures in the final stages of their existence, I fully expect to see them standing years from now, should I ever return to these hidden places. It’s highly unlikely they will be, and yet it is the illusionary promise of photography — these things with history’s evidence writ heavily upon them, frozen now in time, a dignified counterpoint to the passage of all. An illusion, yes, and a temporary one at best, but comforting in its way.


The Scatterling’s Daydream — 2 Comments

  1. I really love this picture, where is this city?? I can’t find it on the map, is it a city close to dakin lake???

  2. Hi, Jean.

    Dankin is truly a ghost town that doesn’t seem to appear on a lot of newer maps, but I do have the GPS coordinates, which I have plugged into Google Maps for you (see below).

    For another view of the elevators at Dankin, see my latest post:

    Dankin B

    You can find Dankin at the following location (it’s the green arrow):

    View Larger Map

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