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A photograph of the white, wooden Holy Ghost Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the town of Whitkow, Saskatchewan, Canada, with yellow prairie grass, decaying picket fence and distinctive metal onion dome

I photographed the Holy Ghost Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the village of Whitkow, Saskatchewan, on April 25, 2009. Almost to the day four years later, it suffered a sad fate dictated by church policy: since it could not be repaired or moved due to its state of disrepair, it was burned to the ground.

You can read about why and how this controlled burn proceeded in the following article by Jayne Foster that was published in North Battleford’s News-Optimist.

A photo by Jayne Foster of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Whitkow Saskatchewan being destroyed in a controlled burn


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  1. This burning of the Whitkow Holy Ghost Ukrainian Church made me sick. Why would anyone do this? My husbands mother did all the needle work in this church. I wish we’d known this was going to happen..did the public get any notice or even give us the opportunity to buy this piece of Canadian Ukrainian History! Im outraged

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